Rock 'n Walk Sunset Strip

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Sunset Strip Walking Tour

Walking tour of legendary Sunset Strip
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$35.00 per person
(10,000 steps / approx. 2 hours)

Beverly Hills Jogging Tour

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Beverly Hills Jogging Tour

Jogging tour of celebrity homes and history of Beverly Hills
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$35.00 per person
(5 miles / approx. 2 hours)

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Jon D'Amico's Rock 'n Walk & Jogging Tours
Tourists, business travelers and locals ... Welcome and let's rock! The Sunset Strip walking tour is a fun and memorable way to explore the history of this legendary rock 'n roll playground. The Beverly Hills Stars' Homes jogging tour takes you on a leisurely jog around lush landscapes, tree-lined streets, and lavish estates. Included in the tours are some fascinating tidbits shared with me by celebrity sources and local historians. And you'll get the inside scoop from my personal experiences living and working on the Sunset Strip for over 25 years.

Meet your Tour Guide
Jon D'Amico

I have always included high energy physical activity into my fast paced lifestyle. I grew up in Huntington Beach where I surfed, body surfed, wrestled and played raquetball. While getting my Economics degree at San Diego State, I sailed Hobe Cats, picked up sky-diving and became a certified scuba diver. After college, I worked in in property management and was in the mortgage banking industry. I trained in martial arts, got my 1st Dan in Kempo Karate and taught women's self-defense.

Wearing a suit ...
Not ready to settle down in a suit and tie, I moved to Hollywood and was fortunate to appear in commercials, model for Red Perfume, and hosted the TLC show Yardcore. If you want to check out Yardcore & Red Perfume scroll down to the bottom of the page. I played bass in two punk bands: Stalag 13 and Slick Fifty. I played all clubs in the Hollywood scene and toured.

Slick Fifty
I also worked behind the scenes as a set coordinator and stage manager for award shows and events such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Music Festival. I was the stage manager for Guns & Roses, Alice in Chains, STP, Eagles of Death Metal, Godsmack and 3 Doors Down.

Stalag 13
To clear my head in the mornings, I started running through Beverly Hills, Hollywood and the Sunset Strip.

Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon
As a personal challenge, I ran from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier in the LA Marathon - it was brutal!

LA Marathon 2015
Doing Rock 'n Roll Half Marathons in Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles, showed me that running is a great way to explore new places. I realized that the streets I run every day are full of local history. This got me interested in creating walking and jogging tours that showcase the famous and infamous people who have made my hometown one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

LA Marathon finish!
Bottom line ... I've found that running gives me focus and energizes my life.

Jonny and Sheena
If you see me walking on Sunset Strip with my Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler, Sheena, please say hello!

Jon and Sheena with a Carver
Sheena was rescued via Glendale Humane Society in 2008.

TLC's 'YARDCORE' starring Jon D'Amico

Jonny's RED PERFUME Commercial

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